Crispy Spring Rolls | Nem Ran     $9
Crab & pork spring rolls with classic nuoc cham
and many herbs

Summer Rolls | Goi Cuon    $8
Grilled sweet pork sausage rolled with mint, thai basil, crispy wonton & spicy peanut sauce

Spring Vegetable Crepe | Banh Xeo Chay     $15
Crispy turmeric crepe with asparagus, oyster mushrooms, sweet pea puree and pink peppercorn nuoc cham.

Grilled Octopus | Kho Bach Tuoc     $16
Coconut grilled octopus, charred onions,
quail eggs

Spicy Frog Legs | Chan Ech     $12
Cajun rice batter, pickled peppers, peanuts 

Lamb Baguette | Banh Mi Cuu  $16
Braised lamb rib, chicken liver pate, pickled vegetables, cilantro, hoisin lamb jus



Pomelo & Glass Noodle | Goi Mien Tom  $13
Ruby red grapefruit, tomatoes, cashews, mint,         garlic & chili dressing

Papaya & Crispy Pig Ear | Goi Du Du      $14
Green papaya, watercress, cucumber, toasted peanuts,
crispy shallots, sweet soy dressing




Clams & Congee | Chao Hao     $19  
Broken rice porridge with roasted manila clams,
peanuts, scallions & crispy garlic

Hanoi Style Beef Pho | Pho Bac*      $13
Classic 16-hr broth with heritage Black Angus filet mignon, brisket & rice noodles. 
Optional additions:  Oxtail +3      Marrow bone +3.5



Whole Trout | Ca Nuong         $26  
Oven roasted brook trout, rau ram oil, peanuts, rice vermicelli, tamarind nuoc cham, pineapple mam nem. 

Bun Cha        $21
Grilled lemongrass pork, pork meatballs,
pickled green papaya, crab spring rolls,
rice vermicelli, chili & garlic.

Shaking Beef | Bo Luc Lac        $28
Charred filet mignon, roasted bone marrow, watercress, spring onions, tomato



Morning Glory | Rau Muong     $8
Brown butter fish sauce, garlic, capers

Brussels Sprouts | Bap Cai It Cay    $9
Charred chili nuoc cham